How to integrate validation with Telerik DataAccess

Wednesday, Nov 19, 2014 08:54 · 113 words · 1 minute read openaccess

The Goal

The goal of this blog is to describe how to implement implicit validation of the entities in Telerik DataAccess.

The Setup

Before you begin, the Telerik DataAccess Context Extensions nuget should be installed:

Install-Package MayLily.DataAccess.ContextExtensions

The Telerik DataAccess Context Extensions nuget provides developers with a DataAccessContext, that adds additional functionality to the OpenAccessContext.

You could directly use this implementation or introduce your own one, that derives from it, in your data layer codebase.

The Implementation

Now you could instantiate a new context instance using the Fluent API introduced in the Telerik DataAccess Context Extensions:

Further information regarding the validation in Telerik DataAccess and how to use it, can be found here.

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