Web API Development with Flask (VIDEO)

Jan 30, 2016


Techical Reviewer of the “Web API Development with Flask” video course, which demonstrates how to master RESTful API development with Python and Flask.

What you will learn?

  • Understand the fundamental capabilities of the Flask framework
  • Find out how HTTP/Verb methods are used for CRUD operations
  • Become efficient using SQLAlchemy to store and query data models
  • Design and develop large applications independently from Flask
  • Integrate and develop authorization mechanisms in web APIs
  • Explore security principles, and understand how storing passwords should be implemented
  • Use the Flask test client efficiently to run automated tests


  • Getting up to speed with Flask
  • Implementing Create and Read through a restful API
  • Implementing Update and Delete through a restful API
  • Extending the WEB API
  • Securing WEB API
  • Testing WEB API